Games Workshop has just made a very interesting announcement and James and Shane weigh in!  The guys also talk some D&D and talk about the upcoming video series in the works!  Enjoy!

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The guys are talking some of the to-dos happening with them and what they are hoping for things to come in 2019.

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After some time away the boys return to the air with some fun conversation. We discuss James time at Dragon's Den GT, chat a bit about the upcoming US Master's Event, and break down some things that have been on Shane's mind for the future of The 9th Age.

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We're talking content and those who provide it. Today it's all about those that give us that good ole hobby boner. The youtubers, facebookers, and other content providers for The 9th Age. So we're giving some lip service to our favorites.

We are also talking a little bit about Conventions vs Tournaments, and some of the discussion going on about why the former is pretty important for getting word of mouth out there.

So come on in and enjoy episode 45 of The Wargamer Project Podcast.

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Coming off a wildly successful weekend at Buckeye Battles, the boys return to share the experience with all of you. We talk about our first time going to Ohio for one of the biggest 9th Age Tournaments in North America, and damnit all if we didn’t have an absolute blast!

We go over some of the new Vermin Demon James was Rocking from Mierce Miniatures.

And James gets in depth into his 5 games at the Buckeye.

We cap things off with a little discussion about a video from Skaven-in-AZ ( which sparked some conversation from Shane.

So come sit back and enjoy Episode 44 of the Wargamer Project Podcast.

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It's time to get your listening ears on, and get ready for a fun time...The guys are here with a brand spanking new episode. Today we are talking about Buckeye Battles 2018, some fun alternate Models, and we have a discussion about James 4500 pt Vermin Swarm List for the Buckeye Main Event.

So kick back and enjoy Episode 43 of The Wargamer Project Podcast.


Buckeye Battles 2018
July 6th-8th, 2018

Mierce Miniatures

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James and Shane are joined by special guests to recap Cornerhammer GT and Acon weekend!!!

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It’s February, so you know what that means…another episode of the Wargamer Project Podcast is here and ready for your enjoyment. Today the boys are talking some team tournament list building in preparation for the upcoming Cornerhammer GT in Schaumberg Illinois.

We are also talking about a really cool new table top game we were shown called Wreck-Age and discuss our thoughts and opinions on this new system, Shane shares a really cool new hobby tool he found at Green Stuff Inc and we share some thoughts on the new 9th Age Hot fix news that has been spreading its way over the forums.

Sit back and enjoy the 41st episode of the Wargamer Project Podcast.

March 23-25th
Schaumburg Courtyard Marriot


Green Stuff World

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Happy New Year’s everyone. So after some time away, the guys return to discuss one of the greatest Holiday Gifts we could have gotten…yep, the 2.0 beta release from The 9th Age is out, and OH MY GOD!!!

Shane and James are giving their initial thoughts on the new rules, and some of the new Army books.

We also are getting excited for the upcoming Red River Rumble, and Cornerhammer GT’s coming up in February and March, and really are looking forward to all the fun stuff ahead for 9th Age in 2018.

Hope you all enjoy episode 40 of The Wargammer Project Podcast.


Red River Rumble GT
February 24-25th, 2018
915 East 53rd St N
Park City, KS  67219
$50.00 entry before February 2nd, $55.00 after that


Cornerhammer GT
March 23-25th, 2018
Schaumburg Courtyard Marriot
Schaumberg Illinois.
$55.00 Entry fee for the 2 day GT, $30.00/Team for the Friday Team Event

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Shane and James talk upcoming tournaments and events, the newest 9th Scroll, and Shane reacts to some recent videos! Plus we have a quick shout out for Factious Waste, a new Post-Apocalyptic skirmish game.

Sit back and enjoy Episode 39, but be warned...Shane gets a little angry here.

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Shane and James talk about the recent events regarding Acon as well as getting tourney details for the Hogfest GT!

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James and Shane talk a new hobby project and plug some awesome events coming up!

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Oh…it’s that time. We are here for some delightful fun time, Shane and James are talking Tournaments. And we are joined by the man, the myth, the legend, Fergus the Gimp. We talk over some of our favorite tournaments from The 9th Age, and get into some added crazy conversation.

So sit back and enjoy Episode 36 of The Wargamer Project Podcast.

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It's that time folks. Shane and James are here to talk some Vampire Covenant, in our ongoing series of Better Know an Army. There's some fun times ahead as we discuss our new launched Youtube channel, and some tournament roundup.

So relax and enjoy Episode 35 of the Wargamer Project Podcast.

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Adepticon 2017 is in the books, and Shane and James are here to bring you their post A-Con wrap up. We talk about some of the 9th Age fun we got to see, discuss some fun Malifaux that James is getting into, and are joined by our good Friend Pay Moline from the SNAFU Bolt Action Podcast for a fun post A-Con chat. All that and some 9th Age tournament wrap up to keep everyone in the know.

So sit back and enjoy the 34th Episode of the Wargamer Project Podcast



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Shane and James are here again to bring you some fun content. Today we channel our inner Genie and we are talking about our 9th Age wish list. Things we would love to see and hope gets changed in the 9th Age community and game mechanics.

We hope you enjoy the show. Episode 33 is up and ready for your listening pleasure.


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Episode 32 is here, and we are talking some fun Adepticon. We go over a few things that are coming up fast for one of the best conventions for miniatures in North America. We talk about some stupid PETA goings on, and are joined by the one and only Brian “The Librarian” Hughes who is organizing the 9th Age evens are Adepticon this year.

Also on deck are some tournaments and just some fun chat, so sit back and enjoy Episode 32 of The Wargamer Project Podcast.

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The boys are here to kick of the first show of 2017. We come at you today with a new segment we are really excited about. Better Know and Army. We are talking The Undying Dynasties for our first attempt and bringin you a brief over view of the armies of the 9th Age. Also included some Tournament Round-up and a candid discussion about the recent rules freeze for 9th Age.

Sit back and enjoy Episode 31 of The Wargammer Project Podcast.

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Episode 30 is up and ready for your enjoyment. Shane and James return to the air after some craziness and a great Holiday with a new logo. We're talking some Team Tournament at Adepticon, The Drowned World open Beta that is happening, Tournament Round Up, and we top it off with some forecast for 2017.

 So sit back and enjoy the show


The Pixel Bros

The Drowned Earth Open Beta

Tournament Round Up
Da Gauntlet GT:
5000 pts, 2 day, 9th Age
February 18th - 19th 2017

Red River Rumble:
5000 pts, 2 day, 9th Age
February 25th - 26th 2017

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Well all its that time to sit back and listen...Shane and James are here with Episode 29 and we have an exciting episode for you all. We have an interview with Lenny "The Tyrant" and Chris Ryan, the Captain of Team USA's ETC Team from 2016.

There's also a little shinanigans, some tom-foolary, and of course those ever so rare high-jinkary. So sit back and enjoy Episode 29 of the Wargammer Project Podcast.

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Shane and James review Universal Battles,  the new hot fix for the 9th Age rule set, and we give some love to the Crossroads GT!

It's been a while, but Shane and James are back, and this time we are actually recording together in the same state. James makes a trip home, and its time to discuss some 9th Age stuff.

Sit back and enjoy Episode 28 of the Wargammer Project Podcast.

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Episode 27 is ready for your listening pleasure. We are joined today by Fergus the Gimp, and Lenny the Tyrant, and we are talking Lists. We get some great perspective on list building form a couple of seasoned tournament players, talk about some resources for list building, and do a little tournament round-up.

Enjoy Episode 27 of the Wargamer Project Podcast...

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Its that time, and the boys are here. We have a shout out from the Inbox with some talk about the New Sylvan book for 9th Age, An amazing Wargasam talking about alternate Models, and the companies that produce them, and a quick tournamanet Round up for some goings on. So sit back and enjoy the show.

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For the 25th Episode of the Wargamer Project Podcast, we welcome back Fergus to the show to talk about sustainability in the 9th Age.

We often hear the question as 9th Age players, "How can your game last as a homebrew?"well, open your earholes and take a listen to this awesomeness...and then we nerd out a bit...ok a lot.

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James and Shane talk the 9th Age 1.0 Release, answer some listener questions in some shout outs from the inbox, and talk about some news and happenings from around the U.S. in the 9th Age scene.

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After a long weekend of gaming, nerding out, and shinanigans, Shane and James talk about their experiences at Adepticon 2016 and how their 9th Age tournaments went! 

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Episode 22 is here, and it's going to be a good one. Nasty Nate joins Shane and James to talk about the X-Wing store Championship tournament He and Shane played in at Games by James in Burnsville.

Then a very special treat as James and Shane are joined for an interveiw with Furgus the Gimp, the Tournament Organizer for the 9th Age tournaments being held at this years Adepticon. We get into the events coming up, and even talk a little Blood in the sun.

Sit back and let your ears be ready for some fun times...enjoy Episode 22 of the Wargamer Project Podcast.

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The guys are back with Episode 21: The March into Adepticon. We do a "Shout-out from the Inbox" and discuss the 9th Age Parry rule. Then it gets down and dirty with some multiple Wargasams...talking team tournament army lists.

Sit back and enjoy Episode 21 of The Wargamer Project Podcast.

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The name of the game is competition, and the boys are all about it. Enjoy Episode 20 of the Wargamer Project Podcast. This episode, get an update on the 9th Age Tournaments happening in North America, and the guys are joined by Ro Nevarez from The Wicked GT to discuss the tournament and the happenings on in Kansas. Enjoy the 20th Episode.

Tournament Update

February 21st, 2400pt 9th Age Tournament.
Being held at Epic Loot in Centerville, OH

New Information on the Team Tournament at Oh-con 2016

Northern Defenders Convention in Quebec, Ontario

Interview with Ro Nevarez from The Wicked GT

Artwork on the WickedGT webpage, and trophy design done by Brian Hunter.

Direct download: episode_20_final.mp3
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A new year and a new beginning for the show, as we christen the new Wargamer Project Podcast name. Shane and James talk about the new play system The 9th Age, with a brief discussion about the start of the game, talk about the new names to some of the great armies that are available for the system, and some of the things we love about it.

We continue the discussion with talk of the potential for a US Masters for The 9th Age and some upcoming tournaments that are coming up in the US. potential of a US Masters for The 9th Age and some upcoming tournaments that are coming up in the US.

For more information on The 9th Age system see their website at:



  • Battle for Oz Tournament Series - Dorothy's Return Home, Wichita, KS February 20th
    What: 9th Age Tournament
    Where: Hero Complex, Wichita, Kansas
    When: February 20th, 2016, Dice drop at 10:30 AM!
    Details: $10 entry fee. 3 rounds. New scenarios. 2,500 point 9th Age Army lists.
  • Ohio Con: Toledo Ohio, March 4-6,
    Grand Tournament: This is a max 60 player - 2 day, 5 Game, 2400 Point Tournament
    Team Tournament: This is a 1 day, 3 Game, 1.5k Team Tournament (750 points per player).
    Plus many more options for other game systems.
  • Brawler Bash GT: Atomic Empire Durham NC: March 12-13
  • The Wicked GT: Wichita Kansas, March 18-20
  • Big Brawl @ Adepticon 2016: Schaumburg Illinois, March 31,
    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Big Brawl
    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Singles Tournament
    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Team Tournament
    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Warbands  
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Join us for a talk already in progress about Warhammer alternatives, Adepticon, and general silliness!!! Enjoy.

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Shane, James and Nate have a discussion about Dwarves in the Age of Sigmar.

Direct download: episode_17_final.mp3
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OMG SCENERY!  Games Workshop has released some AMAZING pieces for the new Age of Sigmar line, and today we discuss some of our favorites. We have a little "what have you been up too?" and just some fun chat. Enjoy.

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The boys are on a journey. We are talking the Northstar GT today. One of the best tournaments for Warhammer in the Midwest. With Nasty Nate by our side, we delve into the tournament rules, and make some fun lists for a great Wargasam…enjoy.

Direct download: Episode_15_Final.mp3
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Shane and James talk about the HolyWars GT coming up in February, This is the first tournament in the states we have seen that has a balanced Pool System for Army creation and we are very excited to discuss and bring you this. Listen and enjoy.

HolyWars gt website

AoS UK comp

Clash comp pdf




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In this Episode of the podcast, Shane and James share info on our brand new website,

We go over the Age of Sigmar test game played by Shane and Nasty Nate, and we fill you in on what we have been up to in the hobby world!  Enjoy!

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Episode 12 is up and ready to go!  After all the dust is settled, Shane and James give their thoughts on Age of Sigmar!  Enjoy!

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Nasty Nate joins us for Episode 11.  We talk 9th Edition rumors, Shane does an informative hobby section covering Primer, and we break down our top 5 Core unit choices in the Wargasam segment.  Enjoy!

Direct download: episode_11_final.mp3
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This episode is all about the Northstar GT tourney being held in MN this October.  We  break down the rules, and past of this personal favorite of ours and Shane makes a 2250 high elf list!

Direct download: episode_10_master.mp3
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In this episode, Shane and James do a midwest tournament roundup/review and James makes a skaven list for the 2800 point Lady of the Lake GT in Duluth MN!

Direct download: Episode_9_final.mp3
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In Episode 8, we talk about our current hobby projects (or lack thereof) and give a big shout out to the guys and girls of Lake S.W.A.T.T. Fantasy Squad up in Duluth, MN!  If you are looking for a gaming club and are in the Duluth area, check them out!

 Lake SWATT's Website



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In this Episode we break down our experience at Adepticon 2015 as well as welcome Nasty Nate to the podcast!  We will talk about the Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament, the 3000 point Big Brawl, and the 1000 point how you use it Fantasy Tournament!


Recorded as we traveled through Wisconsin back to Minnesota on our way home from the tournament.

Direct download: Episode_7_final.mp3
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Episode 6 marks the last episode of the podcast before Adepticon 2015!  Shane Talks about a fun hobby/craft project, and we continue our Lore of Magic review with the Lore of Death.

Direct download: Episode_6_final.mp3
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James and Shane talk Adepticon 2015, Shane makes a 1000pt High Elf list, and Wargasam kicks off a review of the Lores of Magic.....starting with FIRE!

Direct download: episode_5_final.mp3
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Alright guys!  Here is our first contest for the podcast!  Find your favorite warhammer picture and add an awesome, funny caption!  the three categories are:






Best meme in each category will receive a handful of custom warhammer project dice.  One overall winner will receive a customized display board build by our very own Delilah!  She is mad talented and will get you a great looking board!

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In the first special edition of the podcast, Shane and James talk about the newest rumors floating around the warhammer community about 9th edition!

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The End Times continue with the announcement of End Times: Thanquol. Shane and James discuss the ramifications of the new End Times release for the Skaven and talk about the new Vermin Lords coming out with their new rules. In the Wargasam James goes over tactics for how redirectors work and we get some insight into game play.


Also a shout out to @Fadeshape from Twitter for the love.


Thank you for the re-tweets.

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Shane and James talk about current Games Workshop news coming out showcasing the announcement of End Times: Khaine. And James builds a Skaven list for Adepticon's 3k big brawl in the Wargasam segment.

Direct download: episode_3.mp3
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In Episode 2, we will be talking about Adepticon 2015, building our Team Tournament List consisting of 1000 points of Ogres and 1000 points of Skaven, and we talk about the new FAQ from GW!  Enjoy!

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In the first episode of the podcast, James Plante and Shane Hanly will be talking about the recent midwest Warhammer Fantasy tournament, "The Northstar GT". We go through James's tournament results in the GT, and discuss his results playing Warriors of Chaos for the first time.James list is also discussed briefly.


For questions, comments, and suggestions, shoot us an email at

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